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The most important thing you never learned in school…


What if you could be

happy all the time

and you taught your kids to live this way too?


Julian Kalmar


Can you imagine feeling happy all the time? You’d be stress-free, worry-free, out from under financial & time pressures, and enjoying every minute of your work- and family-life. Is such a life possible? It most certainly is!


If you’re wondering which class you missed in school, you’re not alone. Unless you had an exceptional childhood, your teachers and parents failed to teach you the most important skill in life…how to live happily.



Schools are charged with converting children into capable adults. But an additional education is required to lead a happy life.


For example, did either your parents or teachers show you how to enjoy your work, regardless of what you do, even if it’s shoveling manure?


If you don’t like your job, they didn’t.



Your job consumes half your waking-hours. It’s easy to see that if you don’t like half your waking hours, you’re not going to be too happy. Not knowing how to enjoy your work is just one example of how the lack of happiness skills can ruin your life.


If you feel time or financial pressures, they are also signs. In fact, almost every type of negative feeling is a clue to you that you are missing happiness skills. Without those skills, it can take many years to become happy through trial-and-error (and a lot of unnecessary pain).


The good news is that happiness is easy to learn.


So, what are these happiness skills? Interestingly, they’re probably not what you’re expecting. When they’re described, they’ll feel strangely familiar. It’s as if you’ve sort of known about them all your life, but never really capitalized on them to explicitly create happiness.



Happiness isn’t mysterious.

You just need to learn how to use

happiness actions.


Happiness actions are mental and physical actions that naturally produce feelings of well-being. They require no special skills, and you can teach them to your kids so they’ll live the happy lives you’ve always wanted for them.


To learn more about happiness actions, click here. 


Copyright 2005 by Julian Kalmar


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