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Major Award! Also won in 2005 by
Nelson Mandela and Wayne Dyer!

Happiness: The Highest Gift

By Julian Kalmar


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4 CD's Jam-Packed With So Many Happiness Actions,
You'll Gain New Insights Each Time You Listen!

Major Award! Also won in 2005 by
Nelson Mandela and Wayne Dyer!


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Winner of the prestigious Audio-of-the-month Award (June 2005) from Audio Book News Serviceóan influential review service used by ď...over 2,200 book and audio reviewers, journalists, book publishers, bookstores, audio companiesÖ.Ē

Other winners of this award in 2005 include:

Nelson Mandela, Wayne Dyer,

and Marc Allen.

This 4-CD downloadable audio program is the definitive work on happiness actionsóthe mental and physical actions that naturally and automatically produce feelings of well-being.

Intended for adults 16 and over, its life-giving power is well-invested in young people who can save years of struggling.

The program teaches how to avoid many of lifeís pitfalls like time and financial pressure, anger, fear, etc. It also shows how to:

>       Find hope in all circumstances

>       Use the power of belief to inspire positive action

>       Create life-changing opportunities

>       Use stress as a predictive tool for improving your life

>       Create and live in harmony

>       Focus to achieve one success after another

>       Master the use of thought in over a dozen ways

>       Live contented and peacefully using clues the Universe gives you

>       Convert your work into a source of deep satisfaction

>       Find the higher purpose and meaning in your activities

>       There are so many invaluable life-skills in these downloadable CDís itís impossible to list them all in this small space.

Listening to these CDís is a great way to spend your commuting or work-out time. The only complaint Iíve gotten is that thereís so much good material to think about that you canít take it all in at once. Each listening brings new insights.


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