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About Julian Kalmar




Self-styled happiness educator, Julian Kalmar isn’t your average entrant into the “warm and fuzzy” field of happiness. Having spent 5 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, with training in electronics, computer programming and physics, he’s the last person you’d think to turn to for advice on improving your sense of well-being.


Yet, his readily accessible “happiness formulas” have been repeatedly called “profound.” How he came to deliver these formulas is a story of remarkable transformation.


In 2002 he was struck down by a serious back injury. For 3 years he spent 22 hours-a-day flat on his back, in pain and unable to sit. He lost his clients and his 6-figure income. Five back-surgeries later—like a phoenix arising from the ashes—he arose to find himself providing kindness and hope by teaching powerful methods for inducing deep feelings of well-being. It’s a far cry from delivering software and design specifications.


The transformation from “techno-geek” to happiness trainer began a year into his back ordeal when a friend asked him, “How can you still be so happy?” Julian was at first stunned by the question. “Frankly, I didn’t realize I could have chosen to be unhappy,” he says, and he admits it took quite some time to explain the happiness methods he learned as a child.


I had the extraordinary privilege of growing

up learning from a great master.

—Julian Kalmar


“What I find so remarkable in retrospect is that I had the extraordinary privilege of growing up learning from a great master, without ever recognizing who he was, or the value of the many lessons he taught. I thought everyone knew these things and it took 36 years and serious difficulty before finally recognizing the value of the master’s teachings.”


Recalling the master’s lessons, Julian began writing them out, first as a book and then creating the, Happiness: The Highest Gift audio CD program.


Julian’s recollection of the master’s teachings was more than mere application of pen to paper. He actually had to use those very teachings to overcome the obstacles he faced daily with his back injury.


For example, initially the book was written out on writing pads. When the first draft was complete, he needed to get the book into a computer for editing. But, he couldn’t use his computer because he couldn’t sit down and standing was out of the question. Realizing he had a very long keyboard extension cable, the keyboard could be made to just reach the bed. The computer monitor, however, could not be moved and Julian couldn’t see it from his bed.


Using one of the master’s happiness lessons—to succeed in spite of difficulty—his resolve deepened. What he couldn’t see with his eyes, he could see with his mind. So he typed the entire first draft of the book, lying flat on his back in bed without ever seeing what he was typing.


When a great project is destined to be, there

is little the universe can put in your way

that you cannot overcome.

—Julian Kalmar


Eventually, access to a laptop computer and the internet allowed editing and rewriting. However, before book publication, Julian decided to release an audio version. “Since I couldn’t get into a recording studio because of my back, I again had to rely on the master’s methods. The CD’s were recorded, edited, and the packaging designed, while flat on my back,” he recounts.


“It’s the master’s lessons that allowed me to live happily in spite of circumstances, and overcome obstacles. He showed me how to see opportunities behind difficulties and use them to build a better life. Although I was too young to understand their full value as a child, today I find myself deeply grateful and appreciative to the master for his wisdom. It’s why I do what I do today.”


The extent of the master’s influence, however, would exceed even Julian’s imagination.


After exhausting himself writing, one night the long-dead master reappeared to show Julian the true depth and meaning of the happiness formulas. Julian was to insure that this happiness project would reach into the lives of war refugees—a fate the master himself had suffered. Julian would repay (with compound interest) the anonymous gifts of kindness that allowed the master and his family to survive World War II.


Whosoever touches this project

must benefit in some way.

—Julian Kalmar


“The master may have passed, but his spirit lives on in Happiness: The Highest Gift, lighting the way to a happier life for everyone.”


While Julian’s story is one of succeeding against the odds, he is careful to point out that what he has done is nothing extraordinary. He insists that it’s the happiness formulas that allow anyone to get what they want and reach a happier life regardless of circumstance.


“There’s no magic in these happiness formulas…only awareness, understanding, and action. Once you know how things work and which actions to take, it’s really a no-brainer to live a fulfilling, meaningful, and happy life.


“My life is greater than it was before my injury and it’s enormously gratifying to help so many others find happiness each day. It brings me great joy to autograph and package individual orders of Happiness.”


I’ve got the best job in the world…

making people happy.

—Julian Kalmar



May 23, 2005