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About The Happiness Formula’s Mission



The most important thing in life is to be happy. Everyone is striving for it, yet few people know explicitly how to create it.


The sad truth is that there are over a billion people on Earth who are not happy. You might instantly conclude this is due to those people living in poverty and suffering disease and numerous hardships.


When one looks at the happiness data, however, we find that even in the richest countries (e.g. United States), a large percentage of people aren’t as happy as they could be. So what’s going on? Why are well-off people unhappy?


The answer lies in how we approach happiness.


The Wrong Approach To Happiness

We don’t receive any training in how to live happily. Our parents might have taught us some things implicitly about happiness, but rarely did they show us that particular actions naturally make us feel happy. (We’re not talking about play. We’re talking about being happy even when what we’re doing isn’t generally considered fun).


Our parents also didn’t teach us that we could capitalize on particular actions to increase our happiness.


Happiness is widely believed to occur under certain conditions that make us happy.


So, we either have to wait for the right conditions, or struggle to set them up. The problem, of course, is that as soon as we achieve the desired conditions we’re happy only for a little while. Then our “happiness” fades and we attribute our unhappiness to another cause, which we then seek to fix. This goes on and on, with little success in achieving lasting happiness.


Needless to say, this is the wrong approach.


The Need For Happiness Education

Schools, for all the good they do, rarely even mention the word happiness, let alone teach us how to create it.


Many people use the expression, “I’ll be happy when…” followed by some desired condition. This puts happiness on hold until the condition is met; clearly a poor plan.


You’ve heard that happiness comes from the inside, but rarely have you heard how to make your inside happy. Exactly what are you meant to do?


Most of us don’t understand how happiness is created, and we’re working under misconceptions of how to achieve it. We spend years stumbling around trying to find things or people or experiences to “make us happy.”


Clearly a better approach is needed.


Actions Make Us Happy

So what’s left? It’s our actions. It’s what we do both physically and mentally that makes us happy. It’s how we view the world, what we think, and the actions we choose to take.


I’ve dedicating myself to collecting and publishing “happiness actions.” These mental and physical actions have the characteristic of producing feelings of well-being even when what we’re doing isn’t generally considered pleasant.


Our Higher Purpose

Happiness education is extremely important work for two reasons. First, it creates happier people. Second, when people know the methods for living happily, they become more harmonious. Happy people have no need of war or other conflicts.


What I seek to do is create a more peaceful world for you, for me, and our children. To that end, I’m a member of a small think tank dedicated to spreading happiness throughout the world, and frankly, we could use your help.


By learning happiness skills and sharing them with your children, you’ll create a happier and more meaningful life for yourself. You’ll make your kids happier for life. And in the big picture, you’ll be building a more harmonious world. (If you decide you want to go beyond helping your family, send me an email.)


I hope you will give some thought to helping yourself, and your family, become happier. It’s actually quite easy, and the reward is well worth the effort.


I look forward to working with you to spread happiness throughout the world


May your life be filled with peace, harmony, and happiness.


Kindest wishes,


Julian Kalmar

Marina del Rey, California, USA


June 10, 2005




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