This book on creating happiness is now free!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the mental, emotional, and financial stress it is causing, this audio book of happiness formulas is now yours free. These insights on creating happiness will bring you great comfort and hope by showing you that you can create happiness even in the most dire circumstances just like I did.

As proof, you will be interested to know that these happiness formulas were written while I was trapped in bed recovering from a serious spine injury. They began from my early life lessons--teachings from a great master--and were originally expressed as a simple letter to help a friend. When I began writing, I did not know they would blossom into a worldwide project to help war refugees and sponsor peace education.

Taken all together, these formulas will show you how to transform your life into one of great meaning, satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness.

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Kindest blessings,

Julian Kalmar
March 26th, 2020



Do you really believe that a life of happiness happens only to a lucky few?


Here's the first major secret I've learned for creating lasting happiness in your life



Award-winning Author Happiness Columnist Happiness Trainer

Julian Kalmar

Does this sound familiar?

Chronic time and financial pressure

Don’t like your job (or what it’s doing to you)

Want your kids to live a better life than you

You know there’s got to be more to life…but don’t know what

Stressed and burned out

Longing for a simpler life

Relationship in trouble or feeling lonely

Tired of repeating the same old negative patterns


Stop Wasting Your Life – Start Living Happily NOW

Have you ever known anyone who was always smiling and cheery? You probably wondered what their secret was (or maybe what kind of drugs they were taking). Today I’d like to share with you what they probably knew implicitly, but didn’t know how to explain.


This secret may be the greatest happiness secret that ever was. It’s that genuine happiness comes only when we learn and use a very special set of skills. Few parents or teachers teach these happiness skills and it’s rare for anyone to discover them independently until later in life. Even so, they’re usually known only implicitly, so they’re hard to recognize outright and it’s tough to recognize the rules for discovering more of them.


“Julian is truly one of the great teachers of happiness.”

—Professor Bob Nozik, M.D.

Founder: Association for Happiness Advancement

Board Member: Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor


Combine this with the many myths and wrong sayings about happiness and it’s easy to understand why so many of us really have to struggle to find happiness. Maybe you’ve heard some of these myths before…


Common Happiness Myths:

>       Happiness depends on your circumstances.

>       You can’t expect to be happy all the time.

>       When you get what you want, then you’ll be happy.

>       The only happy people are 6 feet under.

>       You can’t be happy if your health is gone.

>       Happiness never lasts.

>       Happiness is unpredictable.

>       Genuine happiness happens only to a lucky few.

>       Happiness requires lots of money.


If several of these sounded right to you, it’s not surprising. They sounded right because no one taught you how to create happiness. Yes…I said, “create.”


Creating Your Own Happiness

If you remember nothing else from this article, please remember that genuine happiness is created. It’s not mysterious. It’s not random. It doesn’t require that things go your way, that you win the lottery, or that you have to find and recite the most powerful miracle prayers on earth.

Julian - I just wanted to let you know I finished listening to your happiness CDs and really enjoyed them.

They helped me see reality and jump in and tackle a situation I've been putting off.

I graduated in Psychology and enjoyed the insight into our thought processes. I shared some of the audios with my boys.

In our family we home-school and in addition to the classics we have MOM/DAD Classics or what we call MDclassics.

These are books not on a traditional Classics list but ones that we want our boys to read. I put your happiness book on our list.

Keep up the great work.

--Christopher Westra


Genuine Happiness Is Created!

(Always, every time, everywhere, in every circumstance, no matter what.)


You might be thinking, “Yeah, when I get that red sports car, mansion, yacht, a pile of money, and gorgeous wife or husband, I’ll definitely have created my own happiness.”


This belief is a happiness myth and it’s commonly expressed as, “I’ll be happy when….” In fact, it’s what drives so many people to work so hard all-the-while believing they’re “creating better lives” for themselves. The truth is that most of what they create is: time pressure, financial stress, isolation, upset, anger, frustration, and deprivation of happiness.


Then, they wonder:

>       How come other people have all the fun?

>       Why is life so hard?

>       Why can’t my life be like so-and-so’s?

>       Will I ever get out from under these bills and all this time pressure?

>       Why can’t I have a great job working for people who appreciate me?

>       Why can’t I ever relax?



They work so hard without ever recognizing they don’t know how to create happiness, that the way they’re going about it is all wrong, and that all their effort is focused in the wrong direction.


When your happiness is based on external circumstances

—which you can never completely control—

your happiness is left to chance.


The GOOD NEWS is that happiness is definitely created and almost entirely controllable, but not in the way you might imagine.


A Little Example

Here’s an illustrative example to show how feelings are created.


Several times in your life you’ve been in a public place and you’ve seen someone who needed help. Maybe it was an elderly person struggling with a shopping cart, a handicapped person wrestling with a door, a homeless person requesting spare change, or even a traffic accident victim who needed first aid.


In that moment, you decided to help.


Afterwards, what happened? You felt good, didn’t you? In fact, you may have reflected back on your actions for days afterwards, and each time you felt the warm glow of your kindness.


That feeling wasn’t random at all. You created those feelings!


Feelings are created!

Feelings are most definitely created. You can create anger, peacefulness, excitement, anxiety, love, and yes, even happiness.


For example, can you think of a way you could create anxiety? Sure! Just start thinking about things that could kill you. Maybe you have cancer right now and don’t know it. It’s been brewing in your system for years and next month you’ll feel a lump somewhere, or there will be blood in your urine, or you’ll feel deep pain in your bones. Let your mind run with this idea and you can quickly create feelings of anxiety.


I’ll bet you can create feelings of financial stress by reviewing all the things you’ve done wrong at work, and all the times your boss or client could have perceived the worst in you. Think about all the things you thought you got away with, but were secretly discovered and reported. You’re just steps away from financial ruin.


What about love? Can you think of a way to create feelings of love? Of course you can. You can think about someone you love, how much they mean to you, think of the moments you’ve felt closest to them, or of the times you’ve felt most loved. Run with the idea and create the love feeling.


Every single feeling can be created (when you know how).


Happiness Actions

So, what do you do to create happiness? Since I’ve made this my specialty, I can tell you that there are literally hundreds of things that you can do to create your own happiness. In fact, you can set up your life so that everything you do adds to your happiness, every minute of every day.


Just as you can create feelings of anxiety, stress, and love, you can create feelings of happiness. You do this using something called, “happiness actions.”


Happiness actions are the mental and physical actions that

naturally and automatically create feelings of well-being.


Choosing Happiness

There are two steps to living happily ever after:

  1. Choose to feel happiness
  2. Use happiness actions to create your happiness


When you do this consistently, happiness fills your life.


To help you learn these methods, I’ve created a happiness audio program that is jam-packed with happiness actions. It’s called, “Happiness: The Highest Gift.”


Happiness: The Highest Gift (Downloadable CD Collection)

June 2005 became a defining moment in the worldwide recognition of happiness actions when this CD collection won the coveted “Audio-of-the-month” award.


Previous 2005 winners include:

Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize winner & former leader of South Africa

Dr. Wayne Dyer, prolific author and self-empowerment expert

Marc Allen, publisher & author of many enlightening books






“Happiness actions have made the ‘big league’ because of their

astounding ability to create happiness in people’s lives.”



 “Hands down, the most profound and life changing

 growth experience of my entire life.”

—Troy White, CEO, Best-selling Author, Calgary, Canada



Here’s What You’ll Learn!


Volume 1 – Fundamental Happiness Methods  (Listen to Introduction-6MB MP3)

         Introduction – The great secret you must know to find genuine happiness

         Happiness Philosophy – The hidden workings behind it all.

         Belief – Happiness comes only when you know the right way to use belief.

         Belief Environment – 3 essential techniques for building a happy foundation

         Hope & Hero Vision – Without knowing these methods, happiness won’t last

         Getting to Your Happy Future – You’ll fail unless you know these steps

         Opportunities – Living abundantly by creating life-changing opportunities

         Talent Bank – How to get others to eagerly help you build your happiness.

         Turning Lemons Into Lemonade – No wonder happy people don’t have bad days! Learn the specific techniques they use to find “gold” in bad situations.

         Positive Attitude – Four ways a positive attitude destroys your happiness!

         Responding to the World – How to create positive “vicious cycles.”


"This CD collection is easy to understand, a delight to experience,

and profound in leading the listener directly to happiness.  Julian

is truly one of the great teachers of happiness."

—Professor Bob Nozik, M.D.

Author: Happy 4 Life: Here's How to Do It”

Founder: Association for Happiness Advancement

Board Member: Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor


Volume 2 – Intermediate Happiness Methods

         Focusing – The hidden microscopes and telescopes of happy people.

         Goals – What happy people know about creating meaningful life paths.

         8 Essential Points – The critical ingredients of happy accomplishment.

         Failure – Extracting happiness from failure by knowing what to do next.

         Accentuate the Positive – Happiness isn’t unpredictable when you see wisely

         Perspective – How to look through the “wrong” end of the telescope.

         Awareness – Using awareness “rightly,” to enhance the spirit of your life.

         Stress – Why you’re going to fall in love with stress—not the way you think.


“...I have listened to them once but there is so much information to assimilate that I will have to listen to them a few more times. I really enjoyed them and I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of the facts on each particular subject. You must have had to do a lot of research to create this work. I look forward to listening to them again.”

 —Al Henry, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Volume 3 – Advanced Happiness Methods

         Thought: Your Power House – Right thinking evolves you to happiness.

         Freedom & Creativity – Tapping into your ultimate freedom.

         Fear & Fun – Removing fear by stealing its power. Thinking as play.

         Higher Purpose – Deep meaning from the high & noble spirit in your work

         Speaking & Hearing – Using each part of your brain to create happiness.

         Thought Environment – How to multiply your brain power.

         Freedom: How we lose it – Why we give away our happiness on purpose!

         Freedom: The What-If Game – The life-questions you must ask.

         Unrecognized Freedoms – DANGER: Listening to this track could make it impossible for you to go back to your old way of life.

         SufferingThe 19 Must-Know ways of destroying suffering.

         Acceptance – The master’s 20th way of ending suffering.

         Judging – Ways your parents accidentally taught you to be unhappy.


“Just finished listening to your CD collection. It is really wonderful! I like that it is both practical and profound, and I learned a lot from it. Much of what you say is connected with what we try to teach, and you have a way of presenting it that is very palatable for the audience. Also, I'm revisiting Buddhist teachings and noticed that your discussions on mindfulness and kindness are closely aligned with Buddhist views.”

—Hitomi Sakamoto, Ph.D. candidate, Yokohama, Japan


Volume 4 – Spiritual Happiness Mastery

         Spirit of Craftsmanship – Live the spiritual life of the master craftsman.

         Quality – The master’s greatest happiness secret changes everything.

         Depth – Opening your eyes to the great beauty beneath the surface.

         Grace & Elegance – The master’s secret ways of living in beauty.

         Reputation – Quietness of mind from pure intention.

         Guest Mentality – “Feasting on life” by being a good guest.

         Goodwill & Kindness – Happiness by being of pure spirit.

         Forgiveness – No happiness without forgiveness. Methods of forgiving.

         Gentleness – Be of good and gentle spirit to become happier.

         Mindfulness – First, do no harm…

         Empathy – We are all more alike than different. Extending your spirit.


"It was excellent. I am going to listen again and again!”

—Ed Lewandowski, Darien, Illinois


If you’re ready to wake up morning after morning absolutely in love with life, knowing exactly how to create your happiness, equipped to teach your kids the happiness methods, and live the life you were meant to, click here.


May you find great happiness, joy, love, peace and meaning for the rest of your days. Be of good and kind spirit. Live well and be happy,



Julian Kalmar

Marina del Rey, California

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